“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
–Thomas Jefferson

Since the formation of the United States almost two hundred thirty years ago, there had been a constant battle between two forces. Those who fought to increase the power of the state over the lives of the people on the one hand, and those who cherished the limited government that the Founding Fathers had created on the other. For many years, there were citizens who argued that voting was the way to keep—or restore—a limited government. They said that violence was not the answer. Junior Representative Bill Jeffers from Idaho’s 2nd district believed that the time for peaceful revolution had run out. He had come to the painful conclusion that the only way to restore liberty was through bloodshed. And while he knew that he would face a tough adversary while on his mission, he never could have imagined the brutality and ruthlessness of the enemy.

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Author Biography

Jay Philip Williams is a newly minted writer whose first novel is not only controversial but thought provoking. In it, he writes about limited government, individual liberty, and economic freedom, three of the things which are most important to him. He also throws in some helicopters and airplanes, lots of guns and shootouts, evil politicians, and some sinister international intrigue.


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